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You want your flooring to look good. But it should sound and feel good too. Philadelphia Commercial offers a variety of cushion options to aid the floor’s performance while providing cushion underfoot or improving acoustics.

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Doublestick synthetic fiber cushion is constructed of dense fiber and a smooth surface finish making it ideal for double stick broadloom carpet installations in high-traffic areas such as Hospitality, Corporate Offices and Retail environments.

Doublestick Cushion Specification
Double Glue Installation

Fiber DS-34.jpg


CushionWorx, a premium polyethylene foam cushion underlayment that performs with EcoWorx® carpet tile for comfort underfoot and sound reduction in high-traffic environments including hospitality, corporate offices, retail and healthcare applications.

CushionWorx Specification

CushionWorx Lite

Premium polyethylene foam cushion underlayment, performs with EcoWorx carpet Tile for comfort underfoot and sound reduction in moderate traffic environments including hospitality rooms.

CushionWorx Lite Specification


DuraWorx is a breathable polyurethane carpet cushion that provides enhanced support and comfort to carpet in virtually any commercial space. This versatile cushion can be used under broadloom and EcoWorx carpet tile in stretch-in and double glue installations including Hospitality, Healthcare, Senior Living, Corporate Offices, Retail and Multi-Family Housing.

DuraWorx Specification

EcoFiber Touch

EcoFiber Touch, a premium recycled synthetic fiber cushion, performs with broadloom carpet for comfort underfoot and exceptional stability in applications including hospitality rooms, multi-family, senior living and corporate offices.

EcoFiber Touch Specification

Fiber Select

Fiber Select is a value synthetic fiber cushion that provides underfoot comfort and exceptional stability to broadloom carpet.

Fiber Select Specification
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