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Philadelphia Commercial believes in providing flooring solutions designed to help you make informed choices.  

With a plan and a purpose, we work with our customers and partners to design and build a world where environments are healthier for people, where products are more recyclable and where our resources are used more wisely and preserved for tomorrow. 

Using a tailored approach to occupant wellbeing that is focused on material health, moisture, air, sound and cleanability, Philadelphia Commercial offers a variety of product solutions. From raw materials to finished flooring, we carefully evaluate the ingredients that go into our products and the impact they have on performance, the planet and most importantly the people who will be living, working or playing on them. 





Small things make a big impact: we believe in evaluating every product ingredient. 

Improved product health starts with the ingredients. We have been invested in circular design since 1996, keeping material health, resource conservation and social responsibility top of mind.  

All of our soft surface products, including carpet tile, broadloom, and ReWorxTM hybrid flooring, are Cradle to Cradle Certified®.

Cradle to Cradle Certified® is the world’s most advanced science-based, multi-attribute certification program for designing, making and verifying materials and products that are safe, circular and responsibly made. Using safe, responsible ingredient materials, Cradle to Cradle Certified® products are awarded certification based upon their performance across five critical areas of sustainability: Material Health, Product Circularity, Clean Air & Climate Protection, Water & Soil Stewardship, and Social Fairness. 




An ounce of prevention: we believe in design that will combat moisture issues. 

Waterproof LVT and moisture mitigating solutions are our specialty. 

All Philadelphia Commercial LVT is 100% waterproof. 

Too much moisture can wreak havoc on your flooring project, accounting for approximately 80% of all flooring failures. Philadelphia Commercial’s moisture mitigating solutions save time and money, using pre-installation testing to promote a successful flooring installation and preserve flooring warranties.  

Talk to your Territory Manager for more information on moisture mitigating solutions. 




Breathe easy: we believe the air in your space should be clean - and free of pollutants.

All Philadelphia Commercial products are third-party certified to promote good indoor air quality. Our products emit ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are free of asthmagens & respiratory sensitizers. It all adds up to a breath of fresh air.  

All Philadelphia Commercial Carpet is CRI Green Label Plus Certified. 

An independent testing program of the Carpet and Rug Institute, Green Label Plus verifies low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions for carpet, adhesive and cushion products. Using scientifically established standards, the Green Label Plus program symbolizes the carpet industry’s commitment to creating a better indoor environment. 

All Philadelphia Commercial Resilient is FloorScore® Certified. 

FloorScore® is the most recognized indoor air quality (IAQ) certification standard for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives and underlayments. Developed by SCS with Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI), a leading industry trade association of flooring manufacturers and suppliers. Both Green Label Plus and FloorScore® qualify for many green building schemes including LEED v4.1, WELL, BREEAM, CHPS and Green Globe.  




Listen up: we believe a space should have more of the sounds you want to hear – and less of those you don’t. Less noise = less stress. 

All Philadelphia Commercial floors are designed to be quiet from the bottom up. 

Acoustics impact everything from health and psychology to relaxation and recovery. Proper acoustics are key to having an enjoyable experience in any environment. Our patented Sound Advisor® tool allows you to hear the effect that different flooring constructions have on sound so you can select the best products for your space.  

Hear the difference with Sound Advisor




We mean clean: we believe cleaning isn’t just about appearance - it's about peace of mind.

All Philadelphia Commercial products are designed to be easy to mop, vacuum, sanitize and disinfect.

Our commitment to clean goes beyond surface level. Our products are designed to resist staining and soiling and are durable enough to withstand intensive and repeated cleaning. We offer care and maintenance training to assist your on-site staff with the best and safest ways to clean your floors. 

Talk to your Territory Manager for more information on available care and maintenance training. 



Our products meet a variety of sustainability standards and certifications including Cradle to Cradle®, FloorScore® and Green Label Plus and NSF 140. All of our EcoWorx® carpet tile with EcoSolution Q100™ offer a low embodied carbon footprint and are carbon neutral. Learn About Our Carbon Neutral Approach

Philadelphia Commercial products also contribute toward LEED credits. Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are also available for carpet and select resilient products. Contact your Territory Manager for more details on a specific style. 




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