Selecting the right adhesive is critical to ensure you have a properly installed and high performance floor. Philadelphia Commercial’s recommended adhesives provide solutions for every flooring type and application, from high moisture to antimicrobial treatment.

LokWorx Broadloom Adhesive

LokWorx Broadloom Adhesive is a Multi-Purpose Carpet Adhesive with

LokWorx Carpet Tile Adhesive

LokWorx Carpet Tile Adhesive is an acrylic based bio-renewable pressure sensitive adhesive for the installation of Shaw Carpet tile or non-vinyl backed carpet tile.

5000 Specification

LokWorx EcoWorx Broadloom Adhesive

LokWorx EcoWorx with Florsept is an extremely high-solids, high-strength and fast-grabbing carpet adhesive. This adhesive requires a minimum of 30 minutes tack time for most installations. Its low odor formula allows installation in occupied buildings.

3600 Specification

LokWorx+ Broadloom Adhesive

LokWorx+ Broadloom Adhesive is a Premium Grade Multi-Purpose Carpet Adhesive designed with high-solids for rapid setting and drying times. This low-odor formula can be used in occupied buildings and is CRI Gleen Label Plus certified.

1000 Specification

LokWorx+ Carpet Tile Adhesive

Premium Grade Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

LokWorx+ Universal Adhesive

Premium High Moisture Multi-purpose performance adhesive designed for multiple backing systems, including resilient (sheet/lvt/lvp), carpet tile and non-patterned EPBL.

4151 Specification

LokWorx Adhesive Tabs

LokWorx Adhesive Tabs is a pressure sensitive adhesive system specifically designed for EcoWorx and StrataWorx Carpet Tile. This non-toxic and odorless system provides an alternative to wet adhesive, virtually eliminating the issue of VOCs. This versatile adhesive system can be used to attach or float products over any subfloor.

LokWorx Tabs Specification


LokDots is a pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive application system for the installation of polyolefin carpet tile and StrataWorx. It is designed for polyolefin tiles and should not be used for PVC, felt backed cushion tiles or tiles that contain plasticizers. This odorless system provides an alternative to wet adhesive, virtually eliminating the issue of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and providing ease and versatility of installation.

LokDots is applied via a durable, lightweight handheld applicator; its triggerless design is ergonomically safe and intended for repetitive use.

LokDots Specification

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